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I am a Canadian composer and music educator and this site features various works of mine. Whether you are a music educator, a professional musician or student, please check out my pieces for concert band, jazz band, jazz combo, and brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles. For information on where to purchase a piece, follow the link to the publisher's website or contact me. I hope you enjoy my music.

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Concert Band

Momentous Overture - Grade 0.5 - New for 2016

Eighth Note Publications

This piece is a celebratory work composed to reflect a special occasion.  Even though it uses just the first six notes, the various articulations and dynamics used make this a terrific piece filled with many teachable moments.

Out of the Shadows - Grade 1 - New for 2016

Eighth Note Publications

Out of the Shadows is a piece that follows the traditional march form, and is easy enough for early musicians to play, by focusing on the first six notes learned in most method books. Bold and triumphant, there are interesting parts for the lowest to the highest voices.

Excalibur - Grade 1.5 - New for 2016

Eighth Note Publications

There are many different myths about how the sword Excalibur came into King Arthur’s possession and all lead to him being recognized as the true ruler of England.  In one myth, Arthur draws the sword from a mighty stone and anvil.  In another, the king retrieves Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake.  Regardless of which story is true, or which one believes is true, this piece reflects King Arthur’s quest to find Excalibur. Grand themes and driving rhythms make this fun to play and to listen to.

A Wind Through the Heather - Grade 1.5 - New for 2016

Eighth Note Publications

The Heather is one of the national flowers of Scotland.  This purple flower flourishes in the damp, rainy weather of Scottish moorland, glens and hills. The piece opens with the instruments imitating the drone of the bagpipes setting the stage for a lone trumpet. Throughout the remainder of the work the melody is passed to many voices. It is reflective and expressive.

The Lion Heart - Grade 2 - New for 2016

Eighth Note Publications

The Lion Heart is a great way to describe one who is brave, be it a soldier, knight, or a member of society who risks their lives everyday to keep others safe.  The piece is meant to be strong from start to finish, with some short contrasting sections to allow the band to demonstrate its various abilities. This fun symphonic march offers interesting parts for all.